Redesigning a website, I’ve discovered, is kind of like redecorating your bedroom. It makes you think more than you want to about what to throw out and what to keep. When you’ve done that, there’s colour, which is to me like food is to other people. And there’s texture. And balance. Redecorating is a visual exercise, after all. It’s not just about writing.

Usually when I redecorate I’m the wallpaper stripper, plasterer, painter and jack-of-all-trades who ends up with a sore back. But since I’m technically challenged, the hard work on this website overhaul has been done by Dorian at Dorian Design. I think she’s done a great job!

And in case any of my friends stop by and think I’m putting on the dog a bit by calling myself an artist . . . just remember: art is in the heart as well as in the eye.


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