I’ve been thinking recently about the difference between a blog and an essay – trying to come up with something to call the latter, when it appears on-line. I shared this with my far more techno-savvy daughter, who immediately produced her I-pod, popped in the question and voila!, received an answer. (It was kind of like approaching the Delphic oracle without making a sacrifice, unless you count the cost of the pod.)
It appears I’m not the first to consider this issue. (What a shock.) It’s all been pondered and even named by quite a few people. Here’s what we learned:
An essay that appears on-line is called an e-essay. (Another shock.) It shares its e-presence with the blog, as well as it’s shorter length. But like the essay, which comes for the French essayer, to try, the e-essay is generally an exploration of a given topic. Not a bloggish putting out of opinions or assembling of facts, but an attempt to actually make sense out of something.
The attempt, in my case, may be playful, somewhat tongue in cheek and again, in my case, may fail utterly. But the love of weighing and balancing meaning will always be a part of it.
Alright, then.
Call them blogs if you must or e-essays if you will, I mean to get cracking on a few.

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