Peacekeepers (Coteau Books, 2003)
Finalist – R. Ross Annette Award (Writers Guild of Alberta) 2004
Finalist – Red Maple Young Readers Choice (Ontario Library Association) 2005
Recommended for Grade Seven by Alberta Education and Grade Eight by Saskatchewan Learning.


Nell Hopkins is a new grade seven student at J. A. Wyandotte School, known to her as JAWS. Her brother Mike is a basket case. Her uncle, who they live with is middle-aged and weird. And her mother, who Nell thinks should be home looking after her children is off in Bosnia with the Canadian forces. Then the bullying starts. What is Nell supposed to do?

Praise for Peacekeepers

In Peacekeepers, [Ms.] Linden has deftly crafted a strong coming-of-age story with such complex themes as a twelve-year-old girl enduring cruel bullying at school while her mother, ironically, is on a Canadian peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, thousands of kilometers away.

Olenka Melnyk, The Edmonton Journal

Labels are handy for your preserves and files, but when it comes to a good book, a label can be misleading. Peacekeepers, Edmonton’s Dianne Linden’s first novel, is labeled “juvenile fiction”, but this beautiful, multi-layered story is for everyone.

Carolyn Pogue, The Observer.

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