Shimmerdogs (Thistledown Press, 2008)
Silver Medallist – Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature, 2008
Finalist – R. Ross Annette Award (Writers Guild of Alberta), 2009.
Ages 9 – 13


When young Mike Hopkins’ dog Merit disappears he doesn’t worry too much at first. He figures she’s gone on a mission just like his mother, who is a Canadian peacekeeper in Bosnia. After all, Merit does seem to have magical powers. Mike’s elderly neighbour, Mr. Lapinski seems to encourage his belief in the otherworldly nature of dogs. Then Mike’s life gets more and more stressful. And when he finally meets his own personal shimmerdog, his life is changed for good.

Praise for Shimmerdogs

In her new book Dianne Linden takes us on a journey into the world of Mike Hopkins, the little brother we met in her highly-successful young adult novel, Peacekeepers. It’s an authentic, unsentimental journey, but one shimmering with magic, myth and miracle – too good to miss!

Glen Huser
G.G. Award winning author of Stitches
G.G. Silver Medalist for Skinnybones and the Wrinkle Queen

Mike Hopkins is a boy with his own way of dealing with the world around him – one not always understood or appreciated, even by those who love him dearly. Author Dianne Linden inhabits Mike’s world in a story that is life-affirming without ever being sentimental, that is in equal measures tragic, funny and poignant.

Governor General’s Award Jury Citation

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